Footprints Newsletter

Good Morning!
Is everyone almost done with their Christmas shopping and baking?  I'm sure not!  But I am very proud of myself for at least starting.  Years past you would see me running around the mall on Christmas Eve.  I work better under pressure, I guess!  This Sunday is our third week of Advent.  We will be lighting the candle of "Joy."  Once again, the theme goes hand-in-hand with current events like our Children's Christmas Program on Sunday!  The kids have been very busy practicing and they will be performing for us all during worship, so please make sure you come and watch!  It will by joyful!  Parents, please remember, the kids will have dress rehearsal from 10-12 tomorrow, unless the weather interferes.  You will be hearing from Debbie Putney if we cancel.
Inside this week's newsletter, you can find more information about Jo Wasson's Ephiphany Open House that is around the corner and other current and upcoming events as well.  Please note, under the "Toy Drive" article, it states that you will be able to drop off toys until noon today.  Well, just about 30 minutes ago, members of High Plains helping Hands Food Pantry came by to pick up the donations.  Thank you to all who contributed the toys.  We all came together at the end and filled up the box!
Have yourselves a wonderful weekend!  We will see you on Sunday!

Theresa Palaia

Office Administrator
Black Forest Community Church
6845 Shoup Road
Black Forest, CO  80908

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