Footprints Newsletter

Good Morning Everyone!
I hope you are having a pleasant Friday morning.  This week, you will notice an additional attachment to this email.  The first is your weekly Footprints Newsletter, the second is a Behavioral Emergency Plan.  Please see details below of why you are receiving it.
This Sunday, I hope you plan on coming to worship.  Why you ask?  Because our Youth will be leading the entire service. They have been practicing very hard and are ready to get up in front of the congregation in prayer and song! Approximately 15 minutes after service, if you wish, join us for a congregational coffee chat to discuss topics related to our church.  But first, be sure to fill your plates and cups with food and drink! Details are in your newsletter.
There are several events or opportunities coming up within our church, and some are happening this week, so make sure to read up and see which ones are appealing to you.  One of the dates listed on the BFCC calendar is April 23rd, which is our church Spring Clean Day.  Please email Michael Ketch at for requests of things you see around the church grounds that need to be worked on by our volunteers so he can add them to the list.  And at noon that Saturday, Cindy Halsey will need all volunteers to bring the donated items for the garage sale from the Log Building to Hardesty Hall.  If you are handy, or just like to help, please consider volunteering that day!

Have a fabulous weekend and we will see you at worship on Sunday – Youth Sunday!

Members of BFCC


In an attempt to ensure the safety of our members in a behavioral emergency at church, members of the church have created a Behavioral Emergency Plan to share with all members in the case an event was to occur. 


The attachment in the email gives an overview what a behavioral emergency plan is, examples of situations which could occur and how to protect those within the congregation if an event of this magnitude was to occur.


Please read through the plan and forward any questions to Michael Ketch ( if they arise.


In an upcoming Sunday service, Michael will discuss the overview of the plan and we will run a small test together to ensure all buildings are clear on the plan, communication and execute the plan as such.  There will be an Usher folder with the details available to take the lead if an event was to occur.


Thanks for all of your help in this matter.


Michael Ketch

Theresa Palaia

Office Administrator
Black Forest Community Church
6845 Shoup Road
Black Forest, CO  80908

pdf icon 4-8-2016.pdf
pdf icon BFCC-Behavioral-Emergency-Lockdown-Procedure-2.pdf