Footprints Newsletter

Happy Friday!
Ahhh, spring snow!  Almost reminds me of winter out there today.  The one positive thing about it is how beautiful it looks and our trees and plants get to drink lots of water and begin to blossom.  I like to call our springs "sprinter!"
We have some very exciting news.  Rev. Susan Hartley, who was here to preach at the beginning of April has accepted to become our Interim Minister and she will be preaching this Sunday, Communion Sunday!  
Despite the weather, our Spring Garage Sale will still be happening tomorrow from 7-2.  Did you happen to take a sneak peak and had your eye on something special?  Well, by all means, come on down tomorrow!  Hardesty Hall is packed full of your donations.  Thank you!  You would not believe the amount of items that have been donated and the quality of them.  Make a day of it!  Come here first then go across the street to the Black Forest Community Center for their annual craft fair.  Or if you were planning on going there, make sure you stop here too!  Tell your friends.  All items must go!! 
Have a safe and wonderful weekend and be sure to come Sunday to welcome Rev. Susan Hartley!

Theresa Palaia

Office Administrator
Black Forest Community Church
6845 Shoup Road
Black Forest, CO  80908

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