Footprints Newsletter

Happy Friday!
Summer is in full swing!  Feel that summer heat on Tuesday?  We broke record temps.  101 degrees, they said?  Wow!  Luckily I was away in Estes Park earlier this week and it was only 90 up there!  I still say that's better than blowing snow!
Well, you know it's summer when everyone you know is on vacation.  What a great week to get away!  But I hope you all come back this Sunday, when we invite all the children back for VBS Sunday!  The kids will take over reading some scriptures and break out in song and dance for us!  They had so much fun learning the songs of the day and getting into the "Surf Shack" mood.  That was the theme for the week.
Other than this Sunday, please read your Footprints for an excerpt of Sherri Ramsay's message from last Sunday, when most of us were on vacation!  This will insure you not to miss a beat.  Also, kids, you might want to read about an upcoming Pro Football Camp.  You will be taught and coached by non other than an actual NFL athlete!  It does have a fee, so you might want to start begging your parents or selling more lemonade!  
We will see you for Worship at 10 a.m. for VBS Sunday!  Have a great rest of your week and any vacation time you have left!

Theresa Palaia

Office Administrator
Black Forest Community Church
6845 Shoup Road
Black Forest, CO  80908

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