Footprints Newsletter

Good Morning All!
I hope everyone on vacation is fully enjoying themselves!  Unfortunately, those vacations will have to come to an end soon.  Summer is almost over for some school children already.  Hard to believe!  But just because school begins shortly doesn't mean your summer memories have to end so soon.  We still have a lot of fun things to keep you busy during August!
In this week's newsletter you will find important dates to write down.  As you all may know, the Black Forest Festival is only four weeks away!  Please make sure to come join in on our meeting this next Wednesday, July 20th at 5:30 p.m. to share ideas for our part in the festival.  This year's festival theme is "The Wild West."
Also, please note, we are in need of donations such as water bottles and more items for the garage sale that will held during the festival.  
Speaking of donations, below is a list of recyclable items that First Step Preschool is in need of.  These items will be collected throughout August.  A container will be available to drop off your donations at church.  Or you can drop them off anytime during office hours.  Your help is always appreciated!
Sand paper
egg cartons
empty food containers
material scraps
empty water bottles
coffee cans
baby food jars/plastic containers
toilet or paper towel rolls
corks from wine bottles
pipe cleaners
stockings (rips are fine)
?bubble wrap
packing peanuts
plastic milk cartons
baby wipe containers
empty tissue boxes
oatmeal containers
microwave meal plastic containers
golf tees
paper bags
plastic yogurt containers
tissue paper
old wrapping paper
craft paper
In closing, this Sunday, please be sure to join us for worship.  Steve Murtagh will be our guest speaker!  Have a terrific rest of your weekend!

Theresa Palaia

Office Administrator
Black Forest Community Church
6845 Shoup Road
Black Forest, CO  80908

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