Footprints Newsletter

Good Morning All!
Kids, are you ready for school?  Parents, I bet you are!  Time flies when you're having fun in the summer.  I wish it would last forever (the weather….not the kids being home ALL the time!).  All jokes aside, I do love my kids dearly.  
This week in your Footprints Newsletter, I would like to make a correction as the date of our worship at La Foret is NOT on August 7th, as it is written.  The new date is NEXT Sunday, July 31st.  Please mark this down on your calendars.  We wouldn't want you to miss the wonderful experience of worshiping at the Chapel at La Foret.  It is such a beautiful and magical place.
Also in this week's newsletter is an invitation and information for the installation of our Rocky Mountain Conference, UCC, Conference Minister, Rev. Sue Artt, which is also planned to take place on the beautiful grounds of La Foret.  More information not listed in Footprints can be found on the bulletin board in Hardesty Hall in case you are interested in attending.
Our August mission is to both help our church AND First Step Preschool.  A list of what items are needed is in your Footprints, and a bin is in the Narthex to drop off those items.  Your help is always appreciated!
Lastly,  if you missed last Sunday's service, as I did, a transcript of Steve Murtagh's inspiring and thought-provoking message titled "Change is Difficult" is also attached for your convenience to print off and read.  I regret not hearing him in person, but it is a must-read!  
Enjoy!  And as always, have a fantastic weekend and we will see you on Sunday at Worship. Rev. Susan Hartley returns!

Theresa Palaia

Office Administrator
Black Forest Community Church
6845 Shoup Road
Black Forest, CO  80908

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