Good Morning all!
I sure hope this goes through this week.  Last week, the email I sent got kicked back after I already left the office and I apologize that happened.  We have a few important events taking place the last few weeks we have left this month.  In this week's newsletter you will see a list of Committee Nominations for the 2016 Board.  We will have our Annual Meeting on January 31st when you will have an opportunity to vote for the nominees then.  Following that meeting, you might not want to go anywhere so you can participate and vote for the best chili as we will be having our annual chili cook-off!
Also new, we have a new martial art group that will be renting our space to teach Aikido.  This group will be holding a demo class on Saturday, January 23 from 10:30-1:30 in Hardesty Hall.  It is for EVERYONE…no matter your age, strength, boys, girls, men and women.  Please help us welcome them and learn more about their very unique style of martial arts.  You will be surprised!  Tell your friends as well.  We will have a brochure available with more details.
Also, some very exciting news from First Step Preschool.  The following is from Geanina Brown, Director of the preschool:

I was notified that First Step Preschool  have received some votes for Best of the Springs. I have attached the link so we all can go on and vote. Let’s let the rest of Colorado Springs know about our little school in the woods.  You can vote one time per email, so if you have more than one email just log back in and vote again. I  really do believe we have the Best of the Springs preschool because of our staff.  Feel free to let all of your friends and family know so they can vote as well.


Thank you for your support!

We will see you all on Sunday!

Theresa Palaia

Office Administrator
Black Forest Community Church
6845 Shoup Road
Black Forest, CO  80908

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