Shoveling Snow at Church

Hi, Church Family,

As you probably know, snow is being predicted for Thursday and Friday this week.  That means shoveling!  We need volunteers to handle snow removal from church sidewalks and steps, to include the sidewalk on the east side of Morast Hall going down to the preschool, across the back of the preschool, and a path going from the preschool to the rear of the log building. 

If there is school in D20 tomorrow or Friday, it needs to be done before 8 am.  (In that case, it will mean the snowfall is light, and should be easy to sweep.) If D20 is cancelled, there is no preschool and the snow removal can be done any time during the day.  If D20 is on a delay, snow needs to be removed by 11 am, as there will be afternoon classes at the preschool. 

Please, please, can I get some volunteers for this important task?  Tom Putney has been doing a lot of the snow removal single-handed this year, but he is working all day tomorrow and Friday, so he is unavailable. 

Thank you for your help!

Becky Bain, for Trustees