URGENT Request

As you know our Garage Sale is fast approaching. This is an event we hold to raise much needed funds for a variety of needs. So here's the thing . . .
?We don't have nearly the volume of donations we have had in the past and the tables are looking rather bare. If we are going to raise any significant funds we truly, desperately need more donations.

With the forecast of cold and snow for this weekend it would be the PERFECT opportunity to take time to go through your closets, drawers, garages, sheds, kid's rooms, toy boxes, man caves, craft stations, kitchens, holiday decorations etc. LEAVE NO STONE UN-TURNED! ?

?Have your kids outgrown dolls, balls, clothes, bikes, skates, Halloween costumes, movies, books, or electronic devices??

Have you upgraded your computer, laptop, iPad, stereo, ?headphones, GPS, printer, TV, etc.??

Are you planning to remodel or redecorate over the summer?? Bring us your old fixtures, drapes and furniture!

Family, friends or neighbors holding a garage sale? Encourage them to donate any left-overs to us, or everything to us and save themselves the headache!!

?If you no longer need it – WE WANT IT!!?

Donations gladly accepted on Sunday mornings or anytime the office is open, M-F, 9-12pm. 

Have big stuff or need to come at a different time? Contact Cindy Halsey at 210-7268 (call or text) or email her at halsey49@q.com.

Thank you for supporting Black Forest Community Church!!

Sheryl Salter

Office Administrator
Black Forest Community Church
6845 Shoup Road
Black Forest, CO  80908